A Feminist House Frau? Really?

16 Dec

So…I am a soon to be stay at home mom.  I’m staying home now, but my baby isn’t due in May.   I really don’t have a set career game plan right now, though I am thinking about ways of monetizing Offworlders.

Does being a SAHM mean I’m not a feminist?  No way, Ms. Steinem.  I am right there witcha.  I am realizing this is a great time to step up and mastermind my feminist agenda.  The lynchpin of my nefarious plan,  parenting my son to be a man who respects women and their boundaries.

Feminism is an oft maligned concept because of the radical feminist stereotype. Many women reject feminism based on the idea that it is too antagonistic to the men in their lives, too unfeminine, that only women who hate men and have long luxuriant, armpit hair are feminists.  Personally, I am not too worried about antagonizing men because I can’t control how other people feel about my opinions.  At the same time, I think it is only right to call attention to sexist ideas so we can, as a society, dialogue and move past them. 

In 2013, women still have obstacles to overcome.  There is still an income gap, girls are still harassed on the street, date rape still exists.  Not to say that men are never judged for their looks, but women are objectified and bullied for their looks more so than ever in this digital age.   Women are judged both for putting their career before their families and for “slacking” at work to take care of their families.

I want to give legs to my beliefs. First of all, from time to time, I’d like to post on my blog about uplifting and provocative feminists thought, advice, and news.  I think my blogs will have both local and global focus. We are living in a global society, so if girls are forced into marriages at 11 years old in India, or if punk rock girls are jailed in Russia for their provocative feminist protests, it affects all of us. We feel the influence as a global community, in attitudes of how women should think, look, feel and especially in what they are allowed to say.

Here is a first step in bring you cool feminist news.  I found two really cool feminist sites on the internet. 

1) A page about gender wage gap and how to close it. Both through negotiation seminars and education.


2) If you have ever been catcalled on the street, or felt sexually threatened, this is a good site to know your rights.   If pervy types  are not ever held accountable for harrassment, then there is no real stick for them to quit, is there?


Finally, I’d like to get out there and volunteer for a non-profit that protects the rights of girls and women.   I’m just starting to research on potential feminist volunteer opportunities in Austin, TX, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!


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